Morning, noon, or night, Junbi-4-Life can be performed at anytime. Whether you exercise for a fresh start to a new day, like to exercise at lunch for a midday break, or exercise to de-stress in the evening, Junbi-4-Life is a great way to fit exercise into your life’s schedule.

At home, or at the gym, inside, or out, Junbi-4-Life can be done practically any place. No equipment is required, so any place you have room to move your arms in a big circle, you have room to perform Junbi-4-Life.

Young and not so young, beginner to expert, anyone that can safely exercise can reap the rewards of practicing Junbi-4-Life. This total body routine can benefit anyone, no matter what their fitness goals may be.

Junbi-4-Life is an any time, any place exercise program based on a martial arts warm-up that prepares anyone for life’s events. In Karate, the term ‘junbi undo’, means, preparation exercises. So, the meaning of Junbi-4-Life is ‘preparation for life’.

Junbi-4-Life is developed to promote health and well-being through an exercise routine that can be practiced at any time, in any place to prepare anyone for the event called life.

Junbi-4-Life combines many of the warm-up exercises from Karate, with intentional breathing similar to yoga, and is performed to a lively beat that makes it fun and energizing.

Junbi-4-Life provides a no-impact, full body warm-up perfect for anyone wanting to incorporate exercise into their lives; or, seasoned athletes can utilize it as a great way to prepare for any type of activity.